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Property Development Due Diligence

Thorough due diligence is an essential risk mitigation strategy that all purchasers need to undertake before acquiring a property. For developers, it is an opportunity to test a project’s viability and identify key risk items that may impede or prevent a project’s completion. Due diligence should include an investigation of both the physical and ‘paper’ […]

Fund flows and sector risk

By now, most property developers will be well aware of the credit crunch sweeping through the development finance sector. With limited funds at their disposal, lenders are allocating funds on a preferential basis with a focus on existing client relationships – at the same time, lending criteria is adjusting. Lower LVR’s and higher equity requirements […]

Macro forecasts and credit availability

NZ’s largest financial institutions including the RBNZ, Treasury and most major trading banks provide forward guidance on NZ house prices as well as wider-ranging macro forecasts for the housing market. While such predictions make for good reading, they are of limited use when making investment decisions. This is because macro forecasts typically fall into one […]

Notable Benefits of Non-Bank Lenders

ASAP Finance is an example of a reputable non-bank lender with strong business acumen and a history as a responsible lender. Our financial institution is the ideal place for those who want to accelerate development time frames and maximise return on equity. Unlike banks, we break down the barriers preventing your next project from getting […]