Simple, competitive property funding solutions

ASAP Finance is a leading non-bank lender offering first mortgage finance on residential, commercial and industrial properties. Since 2004 we have partnered with investors, developers and home builders to provide innovative and competitive property funding solutions. Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge with practical development experience to cater to all aspects of your funding requirements.


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Development and Construction Finance

If you are a developer or house builder, we can help get your next project off the ground. Each year we fund over 200 new builds and 300 sections; offering bespoke funding packages for a wide range of projects from modest infill housing projects to large multi-staged subdivisions.

Commercial & Industrial Loans

Whether you are buying a new property, refinancing, or looking to build your own office – our team of lenders can assist in unlocking the capital required to make your commercial project a success.

Investor Loans

Investor loans are our bread and butter. Our in-depth market knowledge enables us to waive many of the pre-settlement conditions required by other lenders, while our close relationship with our solicitor can see your loans settled within 24 hours.

Bridging Loans

Sometimes, the settlement date of a property being purchased doesn’t line up with the settlement of a property being sold. Bridging loans solve this problem so you can settle on a purchased property without having to wait for settlement of the property that you have sold.

Land Bank Loans

In our customers experience, securing finance for bare land can be difficult due to the lack of income generated by the property. As asset-based lenders we understand the potential locked in development land and offer multiple funding solutions for bare land.

Our Banking Partners

Lending Criteria

Loan Size: $200,000 to $25,000,000

Maximum Term: 12 Months (extensions possible)

Maximum LVR: 75%

We don’t just tick boxes. We choose to focus less on standardised parameters used by banks and instead take the time to understand your individual lending requirements. It is our expertise which allows us to waive restrictive conditions saving you time and money.

For most applications we do not require:

  • Pre-sale targets
  • Valuations
  • Progress Valuations/QS reports
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Full financial disclosure
  • Strict servicing criteria


Our interest rates are sensitive to the level of risk and the term of the loan. Flexible repayment options and terms are available upon request.

3 Months: 7.95% p.a.

6 Months: 9.95% p.a.

12 Months: 11.95% p.a.


Our only fee is an application fee of 2% plus brokerage. There are no additional hidden fees or charges typically seen from other lenders.

  • No minimum lending fees
  • No early repayment fee subject to 30 days' notice
  • No site visit fees
  • No administration fees

Legal Costs

We will give you a fixed quote for legal fees in our Letter of Offer. Typically, for a standard loan secured on a single residential property, this will be $1,800 including GST and disbursements.


It is a condition of our lending that satisfactory insurance is held by the borrower. In most instances, the type of insurance required will depend on the nature of your loan. For standard investment loans, replacement cost insurance will be necessary, while for builders and developers wider insurance coverage such as contract works, and civil and statutory liability insurance, may be required.


Joint Venture Equity

We take on select joint venture arrangements for development projects. Our projects range from land subdivision, to constructing residential dwellings or apartments to commercial developments. We assess each joint venture proposal on its individual merits, but there are some key parameters that we consider when making the decision.

Key Joint Venture Parameters

Experience and expertise

We only choose to work with joint venture partners who have proven skill and capability to deliver a project from inception to completion.


We choose to operate in an ethical manner and will only partner with investors who share the same values. In the unlikely event that a development project runs into financial difficulty, we believe in paying our debts rather than hiding behind a limited liability company.


We only take on projects located in New Zealand’s major urban centers.

Project Type

We’re residential and commercial property experts, we focus on these areas when it comes to joint ventures.

Risk and Return

Like any equity investor, we assess the risk and return parameters for every project. We will complete a detailed risk assessment before entering a joint venture.


Underwriting only works when the bank trusts the underwriter to perform in the event the underwrite is called up. Because ASAP Finance has worked with most of the major trading banks in New Zealand, we’re a known and trusted underwriter.

How Underwriting Works

Underwriting reduces or eliminates the need for pre-sales often required to secure bank funding.

As an underwriter we would agree to purchase a specific number of properties from a developer at a mutually agreed price. If they are unable to sell these properties by a specific date, we will settle the underwritten properties at the agreed price.

This means the developer no longer has to pre-sell at a discount and is able to complete the project and sell at full market value thereby maximizing profit.

Underwriting can help you secure mainstream funding for your building or development project by removing the need for pre-sales.

Underwrite Criteria

  • Minimum Amount: $5 million
  • Maximum Amount: $20 million
  • Underwrite Price: 70% - 80% of market value
  • Underwrite Fees: 4% - 5% plus brokerage
  • Property Type: Sections, houses, apartments, town houses and bare land

Mortgage Advisors

Mortgage advisors are critical to the success of our business and we endeavour to establish and maintain long-term business relationships with the mortgage broking community.

As a mortgage advisor, you stand to gain significant benefits by referring your client’s business to us.

Some of the key benefits are:

Knowledge differential

We will assist you in structuring the deal and we thrive in finding solutions for complex funding applications.

Zero claw-backs

We operate a no claw-back policy; even when the client repays us early, you keep your full commission. Standard commission rate is 1%.

Client first approach

If in our opinion your application is fundable by a bank, we will refer you to our property finance unit contacts at a mainstream bank.


We are proud of the projects our clients have completed.

  • Single House Construction

    Hobsonville, Auckland
    Loan: $730,000
    MV: $1,050,000

  • Terraced Townhouse Development

    Whenuapai, Auckland
    Loan: $12,950,000
    MV: $19,300,000

  • Staged Land Subdivision

    Rangiora, Canterbury
    Loan: $5,127,000
    MV: $21,750,000

  • Infill Housing Development

    Mt Cook, Wellington
    Loan: $1,261,000
    MV: $2,425,000

  • “As is, where is” Refurbishment

    St Albans, Christchurch
    Loan: $400,000
    MV: $700,000

  • Refinance, Staged Land Subdivision

    Flatbush, Auckland
    Loan: $4,125,000
    MV: $7,695,000

  • Multi-House Construction

    Flatbush, Auckland
    Loan: $3,400,000
    MV: $5,200,000

  • Commercial Property, Equity Release

    CBD, Auckland
    Loan: $5,311,000
    MV: $10,825,000

  • Land Subdivision

    Flatbush, Auckland
    Loan: $8,500,000
    MV: $18,000,000

  • Infill Housing Development

    Papatoetoe, Auckland
    Loan: $1,850,000
    MV: $2,650,000

  • Landbank, Equity Release

    Hobsonville, Auckland
    Loan: $8,000,000
    MV: $20,000,000

  • Commercial Investment Property

    CBD, Auckland
    Loan: $2,400,000
    MV: $4,000,000

Innovative, experienced, professional

The ASAP team has a reputation for innovative financial solutions and impeccable professionalism. That reputation comes from experience, we have been in the property and property finance business for over twenty-five years.

Adarsh Patel BComLLb Director

Adarsh has a diverse background in finance, property and business. As an executive director of ASAP Finance he has been involved in funding hundreds of millions of dollars in property loans.

Adarsh has also personally owned, managed and developed over $200m in property. This experience is invaluable in understanding clients' funding requirements and in assessing the merits of each property opportunity

Adarsh holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Law degree from Auckland University and has previously worked at KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and as a director of RB Patel Group Limited.

Darpan Patel BCom(hons)LLb Director

Darpan completed a BCom (Hons) LLB from Auckland University in 1999.

Since then he has worked in investment banking, property finance, property investment and development, and general business.

Through ASAP Finance, he has been involved in over $2b of property.

He has also undertaken many commercial and residential property development projects throughout New Zealand.

Darpan's general business experience includes past directorships at OCG Consulting Limited and RB Patel Group Limited.

Parash Sarma BCom, PGDBA Client Services Director

Parash has been in various professional roles since 2001 across different industries including property finance, retail and market research.

Prior to arriving in New Zealand in 2008, he worked in Mumbai (India) and Fiji. He has been in the property finance industry since 2008 and is an active property investor.

Parash holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Outside of work, Parash is an avid sports fan and spends most weekends either playing or watching sport.

| 021 864 730

Kevin Zhou 周恺 BBS, PDipFin Lending Manager

Kevin has been in the property finance industry since 2012. Prior to his current position, he worked in finance and retail.

Kevin has a post graduate degree in finance from Massey University.

He is fluent in English and Mandarin.

| 021 910 704

Dan Liao 廖子青 BBS(Fin) Lending Manager

Before joining ASAP Finance, Dan worked in financial derivatives trading for more than three years.

He holds a bachelor's degree in finance from Massey University.

Dan is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

| 021 504 358

Ben Friedlander BCom Property Finance Executive

Ben has a diverse background in business, with practical work experience across the financial, legal and property sectors. Prior to joining ASAP Finance, Ben worked in funds management as an analyst where his primary responsibilities included business modelling, valuation and due diligence for potential acquisitions and investments.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, graduating from the University of Auckland in 2012.

| 021 063 7711

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repay my loan early?

Yes. You can pay your loan early - in part or in full. As long as you give us 30 days’ notice before you make a payment, you won’t need to pay an early repayment fee.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow depends on your security, earnings, and the value of the asset. We can lend up to 75% of the value, depending on location and security.

Our minimum loan is $200,000, and we can lend up to $25 million on a single loan.

What fees do I have to pay?

Although we charge an application fee of 2% (plus brokerage if applicable) this is usually added to the loan so you don’t have to pay anything upfront. We pride ourselves on not charging you any other “hidden” fees such as minimum lending fees, early repayment fees, loan administration fees etc.

What are your interest rates?

Our interest rates are sensitive to the level of risk and the term of the loan. Typically, the lowest interest rates are for shorter terms (3-6 months). Because our loans are short-term, interest rates are fixed for the length of the loan.

Our current base rate is 7.95%p.a (3 months). If your loan is considered higher risk, a margin may be applied to this base rate to reflect the level of risk the loan represents.

How long can I borrow for?

Our loan terms generally range from 3 to 12 months. In some circumstances, we do lend for longer. If you meet the terms of the loan to our satisfaction, we will usually offer to roll the loan over at the end of the term if you request it.

What types of loans are available?

We offer a range of different loans, as long as they are secured by property. When it comes to loan structure, we’re very flexible.

Types of loan structure:

  • Interest only - pay only the interest on your loan, making regular payments on a payment cycle of your choice.
  • Part interest only - pay only part of the interest, based on the payment cycle you choose. The balance of the interest is paid at the end of the term of the loan.
  • Principal and interest - regular payments of both interest and principal based on the payment cycle you choose.
  • One lump sum payment - Pay all interest and principal at the end of the loan.

Interest payment cycles can be monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or simply one lump sum payment at the expiry of the loan.

What is the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT)?

The Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act came into effect from 1 July 2013. This Act places an obligation on all New Zealand banks and financial institutions to detect and deter money laundering and terrorism financing. The goal is to help protect New Zealand from financial crime and improve our international reputation as a safe place for doing business.

How will the AML/CFT affect you?

Under the AML/CFT, all banks and financial institutions will need to collect more information to verify a customer’s identity and source of funds.

Before we can give you a loan, we will need to ask you for these details.

That means, even if you have borrowed from us before, we may need to ask you for extra identity documents and information.

Businesses, trusts or other organisations will need to provide information on the organisation and anyone who acts on its behalf.

The Act affects all banks and financial institutions in New Zealand, so we are required to abide by it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone +64 9 520 3660.

Is ASAP Finance Limited a member of any industry body and dispute resolution service?

ASAP Finance Limited has always developed and maintained strong relationship with various industry bodies.

We are members of the Professional Advisors Association (PAA) which is the premier industry body representing the interests of financial advisors in New Zealand.

ASAP is also a panel lender for some of the top mortgage aggregator groups including:

  • Mortgage Express
  • Loan Market
  • Mike Pero Mortgages
  • TNP Home Loans
  • Mortgage Link

We are also a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) who provides an independent and impartial dispute resolution service. FSCL has been approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs to operate as an external dispute resolution scheme in the financial services industry.

Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003
ASAP does not engage in consumer loans as prescribed by Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003. In most instances this rules out loans to owner occupiers.
What is Equity?
Equity represents your contribution toward the project. This most common types of equity are derived from the value of the land, or a cash contribution toward the construction cost of the project by the developer.

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