Lending Criteria

Keep it simple

Loan Size: $500,000 to $50,000,000
Maximum Term: 12 Months (extension possible)
Maximum LVR: 75%


At ASAP Finance we don’t do hurdles. Instead we apply sound business thinking and financial expertise to weigh up the merits of your individual lending needs. Stop wasting time and money trying to overcome restrictive conditions and talk to the team at ASAP Finance about how we can partner in your success.

For most applications, you won’t need to provide

  • Pre-sale targets
  • Valuations
  • Progress Valuations/QS reports
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Full financial disclosure
  • Strict servicing criteria

Rates & Fees

You’ll find that ASAP Finance interest rates are sensitive to the level of risk and loan term. Flexible repayment options and terms are available when you talk to us. Depending on the term of the loan, rates start from as low as 8.95%.

The only fee you’ll typically face is an application fee, typically between 2.25% and 3% (plus brokerage). There are none of the hidden fees or charges typically sought by other lenders.

  • No minimum lending fees
  • No early repayment fee subject to 30 days’ notice
  • No site visit fees
  • No administration fees

You will receive a fixed quote for legal fees in your Letter of Offer. Typically, for a standard loan secured on a single residential property, this will be $2,000 including GST and disbursements.


It is a condition of ASAP lending that you hold satisfactory insurance. The type of insurance will depend on the nature of your loan. For standard investment loans, replacement cost insurance will be necessary, while for builders and developers, wider insurance coverage such as contract works, and civil and statutory liability insurance may be required.


Where mortgage brokers are welcome and valued

As specialists and experts in their own right, ASAP Finance values its close working relationship with the mortgage broking community. ASAP Finance offers significant benefits to mortgage brokers who refer business. Mortgage brokers are critical to long term success.

Knowledge differential

Rather than drowning you in paperwork and queries, ASAP Finance assists mortgage brokers to structure good deals. In particular, ASAP Finance thrives on finding solutions for complex funding applications.

Zero claw-backs

ASAP Finance applies a no clawback policy even when the client refinances early – you keep your full commission. Standard commission rate is 1%.

Responsible lending – a client first approach

ASAP Finance will not fund projects that are expected to make a loss, even if the project meets standard lending criteria. Furthermore, if we believe your application is fundable by a bank, you will be referred to our property finance contacts at a mainstream New Zealand bank.

Other Loan and Finance services

Construction and Development Loans

Development finance is our bread and butter. The bedrock of ASAP Finance is helping Kiwi developers with securing finance to get their development projects out of the ground, having reviewed thousands of transactions and facilitated over $3 Billion in lending to the NZ market.

Commercial & Industrial Loans

If you are planning on buying a residential or commercial investment property, then you need an investment property loan. Not all complex problems require complex solutions; our team of experienced lending managers will work with you to create a simple solution, specific to your needs.

Bespoke Investment Loans Settled Quickly

ASAP Finance is the ideal place for those needing to accelerate commercial acquisition time frames and maximise return on equity through tailored commercial property loans across NZ.

Bridging Finance Structured for Your Needs

ASAP Finance offers a wide variety of bridging loan solutions for borrowers all over New Zealand. Cashflow timing gaps are natural occurrences in business; bridging these gaps can be the difference between securing your next big project or sitting on the side-lines.

Land Bank Loans for Undeveloped Land

Undeveloped land rarely generates income, and we understand how hard it is to buy land with little cash flow. If you’re wanting to secure finance to purchase undeveloped land, you’ve come to the right place.