DIP Developments

“When I first received a funding proposal from ASAP Finance, I was relatively new to property developments, so my initial reaction was to seek advice from those around me. After talking to friends, builders and other developers the feedback I heard was consistent in that ASAP Finance came highly recommended. It is really this feedback that gave me the confidence to move forward with my first project. Fast forward to today, after completing three successful projects with ASAP and I can attest that they have stood up to that reputation as a reliable, reasonable, and experienced funding partner and I would gladly recommend ASAP to any developer seeking a dependable development funding solution.”

“Coming from a family with deep connections to the development and construction sector, I always aspired to do my own property developments. In the late 2010s, I turned my vision into action, determined to build a reputable business that delivers quality houses to the market whilst also achieving growth at a sustainable pace.”

Property Developer Finance

“In my experience, when growing a development company, it is important to form deep relationships with individuals and businesses that exhibit integrity and professionalism in their work. Unexpected events are inevitable, no matter how skilled your team is, so making sure you have someone in your corner to back and support you through those challenges is important.”

“I’ve also learned that the best approach to deal with any problems is to act swiftly and maintain transparency with your lender. ASAP Finance excels in clear and prompt communication. I’m consistently impressed by their ability to grasp the situation swiftly and provide me with their requirements and recommended courses of action almost instantly. This responsiveness allows me to coordinate with builders and consultants to formulate a strategy for moving forward without wasting valuable time. Additionally, they take the time to explain in detail how specific events may impact the security position and funding arrangements, ensuring I fully understand the rationale behind their decisions and recommendations.”

Now (mid-2023), with three projects successfully completed and all sold down, I’m already planning my next project. Setting aside ASAP’s remarkable speed, their extensive knowledge of all aspects of development, from understanding project plans to comprehending the legal intricacies of titling, has proven invaluable to me. When it comes to funding my next project, ASAP Finance is my number one choice.

“They have consistently proven themselves as a reliable and knowledgeable partner in the ever-evolving world of property development and I look forward to continuing our successful partnership on future projects.”