Flemington Sub-division, Lincoln

Developer praises ASAP Finance’s common sense business approach

Referred by a couple of different people to ASAP Finance just before the start of the successful 58ha Flemington sub-division in Lincoln, developer Shane Kennedy says the common theme of his decade-long experience with ASAP Finance is a common-sense approach to financing a project.

“With a big project like Flemington, it’s impossible to get a bank on board, and I’m not sure a bank is the right partner anyway. Common sense is not common these days, but that’s what ASAP Finance brings to the projects we work on,” Kennedy says.

“By common sense I mean they assess the risk in the project from our point of view, and their point of view. They understand that we, as the developers, have no intention of going into a project where there is too much risk. Once we met their requirements, the draw down process was simple.”

Working with ASAP Finance now for more than ten years, Kennedy says it’s a pleasure knowing he deals with the same person, rather than somebody different every time.

“For a big project it is important, but difficult, to build a personal relationship with your financier and to maintain it, but that’s exactly how it has worked.”

ASAP Finance was there for Kennedy through the first three stages of the 570 lot Flemington sub-division in Lincoln, until the project was up and on its feet. Since then there have been other projects in Auckland and Christchurch, including the latest, Verdeco Park, which is located near Lincoln in the Selwyn District.

“It is difficult to get building projects off the ground and bordering on impossible with the banks. Even from the point of view of having to supply more security than is reasonable and 100% pre-sales, the banks only then lend up to 70% of the value – to me that is an over cautious approach that stops a lot of people from progressing with developments like we’re doing.

ASAP Finance aren’t high risk lenders either, but the structure of their lending makes it achievable. Our business is well set-up in the market down here, but that doesn’t count with the bank. However, as a result of our strong relationship with ASAP Finance we can pick up the phone and talk about it. They take a common sense, business approach to a deal that is good for everybody,” Kennedy says.

If there are issues, they can easily be worked through without putting anybody at risk.

“I’m still talking to the same person at ASAP Finance that I was ten years ago, and that is a comfort for me.

“We haven’t had any hiccups that caused problems, but the simplicity of the funding and how they operate mitigates risk areas. Both parties work on a common-sense policy which includes good strong relationships for ten years – I wouldn’t do my projects through anybody else.”