Case Study Category: Case Study

Subdivided Sections

90 residential Lots (including Super Lots) located in Hobsonville Point, Auckland. The subdivided sections were unencumbered, and the client required funding to complete the construction of houses across the wider group. An on-demand cashflow facility was provided to enable the group to meet cashflow obligation. Loan: $20,000,000 End Value: $33,500,000 Loan-to-value: 60% Term: 12 months

Residential Block Refinance

A large block of residential land located in North Auckland. A Land Bank Facility was provided to enable the client to complete resource consenting for the subdivision. The Loan Facility provided refinance for the existing mortgage, a further advance facility to cover consenting costs, as well as capitalised interest and fees. Loan: $6,000,000 End Value: […]

Commercial Property Acquisition

A client was in the process of selling a residential investment property, when settlement was called on the commercial property he had recently purchased in Te Aro, Wellington. A 3-month bridging loan (secured against both properties) was provided to enable the client to meet his settlement obligations while he completed the sale process for his […]

Land Purchase

Vacant industrial land located at Tauriko Business Estate, Tauranga. The industrial property loan was provided as a ‘bridge’ to enable the client to complete a restructure of its group debt currently with a main bank. The client would eventually build a warehouse on the site. Repayments were on an interest-only basis. No valuation was required. […]

Commercial Office Purchase

A six-level commercial office building in Auckland CBD. A commercial property loan was provided to assist with the purchase of the property. Settlement occurred within just 48 hours of receiving the loan application enabling the client to avoid penalty interest and default action. Repayments were on an interest only basis. No valuation was required. Loan: […]


A residential investment property located in Mt Roskill, Auckland. The ‘low doc’ loan facility was approved with limited financial information provided by the client. Repayments were to be made on an interest-only basis. No valuation was required. Loan: $635,000 End Value: $910,000 Loan-to-value: 70% Term: 6 months

Master-planned Subdivision

This construction loan was structured into two parts: (i) the purchase of an unconsented block of land in Lincoln, Christchurch, and (ii) construction and associated earthworks for the initial stages of the 120-lot land subdivision. The construction loan included capitalised interest and fees, and a revolving GST facility. 50% presales cover was achieved prior to […]

Single-house Build

A section purchase and construction of a single house within a greenfield subdivision in Flat Bush, Auckland. The construction loan included capitalised interest and fees with no repayments required during the build. Funding was approved without a fixed price contract in place and no valuation drawdown reports were required – instead, drawdowns were provided based […]

Terrace-townhouse Development

Construction of 29 terraced townhouses, and subsequent subdivision located in Whenuapai, Auckland. The loan facility provided for capitalised interest and fees, and included a revolving GST facility. Funding was provided without any pre-sales or a QS appointed to the project. Loan: $12,950,000 End Value: $19,300,000 Loan-to-value: 67% Loan-to-cost: 81% Term: 12 months