Financial Advisors - ASAP Finance Ltd

Where mortgage brokers are welcome and valued

As specialists and experts in their own right, ASAP Finance values its close working relationship with the mortgage broking community. ASAP Finance offers significant benefits to mortgage brokers who refer business. Mortgage brokers are critical to long term success.

Knowledge differential

Rather than drowning you in paperwork and queries, ASAP Finance assists mortgage brokers to structure good deals. In particular, ASAP Finance thrives on finding solutions for complex funding applications.

Zero claw-backs

ASAP Finance applies a no clawback policy even when the client refinances early – you keep your full commission. Standard commission rate is 1%.

Responsible lending – a client first approach

ASAP Finance will not fund projects that are expected to make a loss, even if the project meets standard lending criteria. Furthermore, if we believe your application is fundable by a bank, you will be referred to our property finance contacts at a mainstream New Zealand bank.