Case Study Category: Construction & Development Loans

Master-planned Subdivision

This construction loan was structured into two parts: (i) the purchase of an unconsented block of land in Lincoln, Christchurch, and (ii) construction and associated earthworks for the initial stages of the 120-lot land subdivision. The construction loan included capitalised interest and fees, and a revolving GST facility. 50% presales cover was achieved prior to […]

Single-house Build

A section purchase and construction of a single house within a greenfield subdivision in Flat Bush, Auckland. The construction loan included capitalised interest and fees with no repayments required during the build. Funding was approved without a fixed price contract in place and no valuation drawdown reports were required – instead, drawdowns were provided based […]

Terrace-townhouse Development

Construction of 29 terraced townhouses, and subsequent subdivision located in Whenuapai, Auckland. The loan facility provided for capitalised interest and fees, and included a revolving GST facility. Funding was provided without any pre-sales or a QS appointed to the project. Loan: $12,950,000 End Value: $19,300,000 Loan-to-value: 67% Loan-to-cost: 81% Term: 12 months