Case Study Category: Investor Loans

Subdivided Sections

90 residential Lots (including Super Lots) located in Hobsonville Point, Auckland. The subdivided sections were unencumbered, and the client required funding to complete the construction of houses across the wider group. An on-demand cashflow facility was provided to enable the group to meet cashflow obligation. Loan: $20,000,000 End Value: $33,500,000 Loan-to-value: 60% Term: 12 months


A residential investment property located in Mt Roskill, Auckland. The ‘low doc’ loan facility was approved with limited financial information provided by the client. Repayments were to be made on an interest-only basis. No valuation was required. Loan: $635,000 End Value: $910,000 Loan-to-value: 70% Term: 6 months